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Terms of use and the user agreement!
Attention! Before viewing our site please read the conditions. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this site.
The site extends on the World Wide Web, and includes the information, materials and data provided by the All-Ukrainian Information Service - and third parties.
1.1 User is a natural person registered on the site is one of the parties to this Agreement. User access to sites (ie user input their login and password in the authorization of the Site and input an authorized user on the site) means that the user accepts and agrees to comply with all of the following terms of this Agreement.
1.2 Supplier - any natural or legal person, whose products presented on the website "PILOT".
1.3 deliveryman, delivery service - a person who undertakes to deliver user products supplier on terms of cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Information Service.
1.4 Depending on the type of registration, registered users receive different formats use of our website.

2. Description of Services
 is a single information system of orders, which provides users ample opportunities to quickly and easily find and order the finished food, flowers, medicines, and not only, and delivers them.
2.2 You agree that "UKRAINIAN INFORMATION SERVICE" is not responsible for the quality of supplied products "Supplier", delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, the availability of the necessary permits and licenses, as well as the failure to store any user personal information.
2.3 The administration of service "Ukrainian INFORMATION SERVICE" reserves the right at its discretion to refuse to provide services if it is to have evidence of your illegal activities in relation to the service "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT" or its members.

3. Conditions of use of the materials posted on the All-Ukrainian Information Service - "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT".
3.1 The Site contains material that is protected by copyright, trademarks and other legally protected material, including, but not limited to text, photographs, graphics, audio, video.
3.2 In this case the entire contents of the Site is copyrighted as a work created by the collective creative work in accordance with Ukrainian legislation on copyright and related rights.
3.3 The user undertakes not to post on the "All-Ukrainian Information Service" and not channeled through / through the Site Materials, is advertising of any goods or services, without the prior express consent of the service "Pilot"
4. The mutual obligations and rights of the parties
4.1 The user has the right to receive accurate information about the products and their properties. The responsibility for the relevance of the information on the website shall be the exclusive supplier of products.
4.2 You agree that at the time of ordering it not less than 18 years. The site is present only for adult products (alcohol, etc.).
4.3 The user undertakes to receive and pay for the order in a specified location at the agreed time and the possibility of an agreed payment, and guarantee the reliability of information on the application, location and time of receipt of the order. If you change the specified place or time, user agrees to bear the additional transport costs.
4.4 Service "pilot" to accept and carry out the order, namely, to organize the delivery of the order, to inform the consumer of the fact of receiving the order, the beginning of its implementation, the time and cost of delivery.
4.5 The Parties are released from liability for complete or partial failure to fulfill its obligations if such failure was caused by force majeure, ie extraordinary events which the Parties could not foresee and prevent reasonable measures.
5 Terms of the guarantees
5.1 Supplier guarantees the high quality of the goods during the period of operation, with due observance of the requirements of the User manual commodity.
5.2 Damaged goods or goods for which there are signs of wear (assuming no claims on quality) is not refundable.
6 Registration and order online, password, and security.
6.1 Upon completion of the registration, the User receives a login and password to access the Members Area.
6.2 You are responsible for the security of your username and password and for all activities carried out on the site "Pilot" under his login and password.
6.3 The user agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself as prompted in the form when placing your order by filling it and agreed to the terms of the Agreement, by confirming the "I agree with the terms of the agreement."
7 Terms of use of materials
Ownership of "All-Ukrainian Information Service"
7.1 The User has no right to modify, publish, transmit to third parties, to participate in the sale or assignment of, create derivative works or otherwise use, partially or completely, the content of the Site.
7.2 The user undertakes to use the Web Site only for lawful purposes.
Web 7.3 User agrees not to post on the Site and not to send anywhere via / through the Site any of the following types of materials:
 - Violate the law, containing threats and insults and discrediting of others who violate citizens' rights to privacy or public policy, having the character of obscenity;
- Violate a greater or lesser degree of honor and dignity, rights and lawful interests of other persons;
- Promoting or containing incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred, incitement to hatred containing attempt or incitement to violence;
- As well as other materials that encourage others to wrongful conduct, give rise to criminal, civil or other liability, or in any way violates the provisions of the legislation.

7.4 The User acknowledges and agrees that UKRAINIAN INFORMATION SERVICE - "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT" and all the programs associated with them, contain confidential information that is protected by intellectual property laws and other Ukrainian and international laws. The User agrees not to modify, sell, distribute this content and programs in whole or in parts.
7.5 "Pilot" is not responsible for the reviews published by the User.
 7.6 "Pilot" reserves the right to post comments on user feedback.
7.7 "Pilot" reserves the right not to post comments and delete user violates Ukrainian law and detrimental to the legitimate interests of third parties.

8 Privacy

8.1 "UKRAINIAN INFORMATION SERVICE" - "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT" is not responsible for information provided by users on the site in an accessible form.
8.2 "UKRAINIAN INFORMATION SERVICE" - "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT 'right to carry out the recording of telephone conversations with the User. The All-Ukrainian Information Service - "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT" undertakes: to prevent unauthorized access to the information obtained in the course of telephone conversations, and / or transfer it to third parties not directly related to the execution of orders.

9 General
9.1 This Agreement is governed by the norms of the Ukrainian legislation.
9.2 All possible disputes regarding the Agreement shall be settled in accordance with the current laws.
Considering the gratuitousness of the terms of this Agreement, the rules on consumer protection can not be applicable to the relationship between the user and the provider of information services on Ukrainian - "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT"
9.3 Nothing in this Agreement shall be understood as the establishment between the user and the provider of all-Ukrainian Information Service - "CITY EXPRESS DELIVERY PILOT" agency relationship, friendly relations, relations on joint activities, relationships, personal recruiting, or some other relationship, not expressly provided for in this Agreement .
This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of expression you agree to its terms by ordering or registering on our site.