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Antipasti box 1788 г.

Антипасти box
1699 hrn.
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gourmet cheeses, meats and specialties will be an excellent aperitif wine for the party. Each of the specialties will help even more to reveal the true taste of the wine and enjoy its flavor.


Cheese, Tomato and Cheese Baziron Baziron Pesto with basil, German cheese from cow's milk Emmental, goat cheese with truffles, Parmigiano, Italian pistachio cheese made from sheep's milk pecorino, DorBlu and soft Brie cheese Danish.

Sausages salts with Parmigiano, Parma ham, Italian boiled pork sausage Mortadella sausage and spicy Spanish Chorizo.

Compliments ciabatta dark, salty grissini sticks, walnuts and cashew nuts, olives Kalamata, honeycomb, red grape, apricot jam, thyme and sun-dried figs.

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Vele Rosse
Fried rice with egg and shrimps
ID: 035368
250 г.
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Шаурмен №1
Bavarian sausages, smoked bacon, fresh tomatoes., bell pepper, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms., Pilati sauce, served separately sauce: pesto, sharp
ID: 014081
580 г.
135 hrn.
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Di Mare
Grilled asparagus with sea salt.
ID: 002502
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Golden dragon smoked eel, prawn, Philadelphia cheese, avocado, caviar letuchka fish
ID: 018347
280 г.
183 hrn.
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